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Opus One, LLC & A440 in Chicago, USA
Yumi Fujimoto

Yumi Fujimoto

Luthier in Chicago, USA

Yumi Fujimoto graduated from Chicago School of Violin Making in 2008, and also studied at Bass luthier workshop of Oberin college course. She has worked for some fine violin shops in Chicago to gain more experience in the restoration and repair of violin family instrument. Yumi joined A440 violin shop as a bass specialist, and has met many professional bassist who wants to improve the sound quality of their basses.

Here is Yumi’s comment about the endpin by Shinwa Sound Product.

“ Recently I had several customers who tried the endpin on their basses, and immediately noticed the outstanding effect of this product. This amazing endpin makes the sound quality richer, deeper and more projected.

I would like to name this end pin ‘ Magic Wand’ because it works some magic on the instrument”.

Opus One, LLC & A440 in Chicago, USA

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phone: 1-847-322-8887