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Endpin Socket
endpin socket


The cello and double bass play a major role in string instrument sections, with the endpin on the bottom being used to support the instrument by pushing it into the floor.
The component attaching the endpin to the instrument is the socket; in conjunction, these two parts are used to adjust the height and fix the instrument into place.

An industry-first! An all-brass socket featuring the Click-System *Patent pending

Generally speaking, endpins come with several grooves that are used to adjust the height, with the socket attaching into place in the grooves.

Conventional products have the flaw that finding the exact position of the groove can be difficult.
If you are a veteran experienced with this process, you may find the groove with ease, but we still encourage you to try the SSP socket to see the difference, which is night and day.

This system employs a mechanism whereby the groove position responds with a tactile click when sliding the endpin into place, allowing the user to immediately apprehend in an intuitive fashion where to tighten the fixing bolt.
Since endpins must be adjusted after each performance, simplifying this process yields much greater day-to-day convenience.

This entirely eliminates the risk of the instrument slipping and falling mid-performance due to an improperly mounted endpin.

While this component may look similar to conventional products, it has been structurally redesigned from the ground up using precision machining to allow no room for error, and is the result of numerous prototypes.

Conventional sockets are made from ebony and cork, but the SSP socket is entirely metal, including the slide bushes at the sides. This allows for the lossless conductivity of sound from the instrument to the endpin and floor.
*The bush employs a special material that also enhances lubrication.

This solution cannot be achieved unless the concentricity of both edges of the socket is machined to be perfectly calibrated.
(One advantage of cork bushes is that even if the socket hole fidelity is even slightly off, the endpin can be pushed in without resistance. However, this translates to a greater loss in terms of sound conductivity.)

We encourage you to try for yourself the new dimension of acoustics and response that this solution offers.

SSP sockets: a never-before-seen level of sound


【Double Bass】Endpin Socket (Brass)

Hole diameter : 10.00mm
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【Double Bass】Endpin Socket (Steel)

Hole diameter : 10.00mm
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【CELLO】Endpin Socket (Brass)

SSP Equipped with "click system" Hybrid sockets for cello

The long-awaited "Hybrid Socket for Cello" is now available!
It is equipped with a "click system (patented)" developed by the company, which makes it very easy to use.
A special metal bushing is incorporated in both sides of the socket for fast response and pleasant sound!
There are two types of materials: steel and brass.
It is a hybrid socket that adopted the new material "super ebony" for the insertion part.

You can feel it!
Fast response and deep resonance!


Hole diameter : 8.00mm, 10.00mm
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【CELLO】Endpin Socket (Steel)


Hole diameter : 8.00mm, 10.00mm
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*Note that the design, specifications, appearance, and price of the product may be subject to change without notice.